Monday, October 24, 2016

Review: Puvay Collagen Drink (with 8,000mg Collagen Peptides)

Hi lovelies,

Today I am going to share about Puvay's collagen drink, a supplement that helps us to boost inner beauty and freeze the time of ageing.

We all know that there are numerous brands of collagen supplements in the beauty industry but we also know that what's most important is in choosing the right product that works best for our body! 

Puvay Collagen Drink is 100% natural and fruit-puree based with only natural sweetness from the fruits and no addition of artificial sweetener.

Each collagen drink flavour contains 8000mg of “Korean Marine Collagen Peptides”, which features specific shorter collagen molecules, called “collagen peptides’ unlike other collagen drinks in the market that uses general collagen extracts with larger molecule sizes.

Monday, October 17, 2016

LIONESSE Beauty Bar Facial Review

Hi lovelies,

Lately I was introduced to a brand called LIONESSE, a gemstone-infused luxury skincare brand to help one achieve a youthful, radiant glowing skin, thus I was at their Beauty Bar situated at Wisma Atria to try out their beauty facial.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Review: Marc Anthony Moisturizing Shea Butter & Marula Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi lovelies,

I would like to share about the new hair care range released by Marc Anthony that can help everyone achieve luxurious and healthy looking hair.

 For everyone like me, who puts my hair through chemical processes like hair coloring, perming, rebonding etc. we will realize that our hair quality drops with each chemical process that the hair experienced and it could become so untamed that it frustrates us very much. Don't you agree? 

Sometimes, my hair is so terrible that I apply a lot of conditioner just to control the frizzy state of my hair but this time round, I am super excited over Marc Anthony's new Moisturizing Shea Butter & Marula Oil Shampoo and Conditioner as they are the saviors for all hair woes!

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